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Georg Keller

Occupational therapist






In 1955 I was born in Morbach, Germany.

  I grew up in the little German town Bernkastel-Kues at the river Mosel. Here I visited the elementary and the high school.

Afterwards I studied for some time psychology at the University of Zurich, but did't finish my studies.

Then I became an occupational therapist and worked in neurologic, oncologic and psychosomatic hospitals.

Since 1997 I was an occupational therapy teacher at an OT school in Gersfeld. My subjects are OT. in psychiatry and o.t. with artistic means.

Since 2010 I am back to my home town Bernkastel-Kues.

Gersfeld: Barockschloß im Winter

I published many articles and three books about occupational therapy.

I did lectures on German and Austrian occupational therapy congresses and I offer advanced training to occupational therapists.

I have a German patent (Nr. 199 17 980) on a medical measuring tool, which I invented. 

Sometimes I do art and I also designed some vases.


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